Monday, September 1, 2008

Highly Conflicted

The "mommy blogs" of Christian Conservatives seem to be highly conflicted about Palin.

On one hand they like her Pro-Life stance, especially as evidenced by the birth of a Down's Syndrome baby that was intentionally brought to term.

However, there is the concern from the "mommy blogs" that the prominence of her position would undermine their witness concerning subordinate roles for women & their conviction that mothers should remain in the home & nurture their husbands & children.

Then I see Richard Land (SBC Ethics President --- such an oxymoron, IMHO) & Dr. James Dobson are all in a lather about Palin, falling all over themselves to lavish praise.

Now let's remember: Land & Dobson both say that a woman's place is in the home, acting the role of June Cleaver if at all possible. I don't think Palin needs the gig as VP: I'm sure there is enough income she can bring in doing in-home laundry & ironing, right, Ricky & Jim? Both were opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment. Dobson even said he would NOT vote for McCain if he were the nominee.

Wee-bit inconsistent, no? Is Dobson telling a fib? Sure looks like it.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Isn't it funny how these folks can simply put all of their talk behind themselves so easily. Apparently, they really stand for so little that it is easy to change positions overnight.