Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, US Constitution

Today marks the 221st birthday of the Constitution. While the document has been fought over, debated, maligned, defended, & even ignored, it is still a fine piece of work.

And it is worth protecting at all costs.

There is no single most important word or phrase in the document. It is, in total, the essence of liberty. Our Founding Fathers were so adamant that liberty be protected that they set limits on gov't, knowing that power certainly corrupts leaders & breeds hostility towards free men. Thus, the Constitution defines our principles & framework, but never our laws. Our laws live up to the document's principles, not the other way around.

The Constitution is clear that we value liberty so much that we are willing to allow bad things to happen to us all, just to make sure a bad wrong doesn't happen to an innocent person at the hands of an over zealous gov't.

So here's to the 221st birthday of the Constitution. May we always protect it, since it can't protect itself.

Americans United Blog, article by Sandhya Bathija

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

...and it passed with hardly a notice. Just like the current person in the White House has violated his oath to defend it, and so few seem to care. Thanks for remembering.