Sunday, November 25, 2007

Small Town, GA, and Entanglement of Religion

Not much happens in Dallas, GA. There is an occasional break-in and a goodly number of speeders now that Hwy 278 is a four lane. Mostly minor accidents or the stray dog that needs apprehension. Not much else. One might say it is almost like Mayberry.

I like it.

But the City of Dallas, GA, has been a little naughty this year.

The City of Dallas purchased and maintains a lighted nativity scene placed on a small parcel across from the First Baptist Church (the parcel in which the city is in the process of purchasing for a park). There are no other displays surrounding the nativity display, secular or otherwise. (See similar display.) Local residents concerned about the propriety of such a First Amendment No-No say they plan on meeting with city officials later this week.

This should make for an interesting situation since the Speaker of the GA General Assembly represents tiny Dallas, GA. Representative Glenn Richardson has come under much criticism lately for his pandering to the Religious Right by supporting such bills as a Bible Elective in GA High Schools with the Bible being the primary textbook, and Ten Commandments legislation that allows the posting of the Decalogue in/on GA courthouses.

This may be strike three for Richardson since his home county doesn't display the 10 Commandments on its courthouse walls, nor do any of the 5 local high schools teach the elective Bible Class. In fact, the local board of education refused to even call for public comment on the matter.

More information to follow after local residents meet with city officials this week.

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