Monday, November 26, 2007

Bloggers Casting the SBC in a Bad Light?

I recently had two different people tell me they support the GA Baptist Resolution that condemns bloggers because it would stop the "hurt to our evangelism efforts to the unchurched." Since bloggers cast the SBC in a bad light, they said, the bloggers need to stop for the good of the missions' cause.

Yeah, right. That sounds pious but it is a load of hooey.

Ask =any= unchurched person what they have heard from blogging sites that have cast the SBC in a bad light. Anyone. Ask.

Then ask them if they have heard of the SBC resolution that says women are to be in submission to their husbands; that Baptists should boycott Disney for allowing a Gay Day; or firing professors because they happen to be afflicted with being female; or going beyond the text & calling even the drinking of any alcohol a sin; etc.

Go ahead & ask them & then let me know which casts the SBC in more of a bad light. I doubt if any unchurched person even knows about the discussion on the blogs, but I know for sure they are aware of the above.

I will have to ask again: based on the wording in the resolution, what =can= be discussed in blogs or anywhere else for that matter? And why didn't this standard apply when the Conservative Resurgence was trying to wrestle control from the Moderates 25 years ago?

This is a double standard & an excuse to use pious sounding words to shut down dissent. How else will the average Joe & Sue Baptist know about these issues if it isn't in blogs? The state paper is controlled by Yes Men. All the state & convention agencies are staffed by those that had better tow the line or be fired. The colleges & seminaries won't allow any dissent.

How are the issues to be discussed if the opposing viewpoint is not even allowed to be heard?

Really now: how many bloggers can be named by the average Baptist in the pew? 20? 15? 10?

Maybe that's too many. OK. 5 bloggers.

Wait. Let's say 3.

How about 1.

Be honest. Be ethical. Don't look 'em up. Google is not your friend in this case. Let's hear the names & the issues they've raised.

If it is such a serious problem & has caused such division & is hurting our efforts, there should be an easily recognized name for one or two, right? Otherwise, the resolution only has one other motive: stop dissent. Using the Bible as an excuse to bully discussion is still being a bully.

Roger Williams was kicked out of Boston for speaking out. So was Ann Hutcheson because she dared question the authority of the church leaders. I suppose some Baptist bloggers are in good historic company.

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