Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pagan Group in Park Told Must Leave

Wonder if the Alliance Defense Fund (previous post about the ADF) will come to the aid of this Pagan group ... doubt it. No, make that I am certain it won't happen.

Picture this: local park. Sunny day. Group of Christians gather & sing a few verses of Amazing Grace & then they pray. A brief homily is offered. Another chorus or two. An offering is taken --- must be a Baptist group. No one calls the cops.

Now let's change the scene a tad: local park. Sunny day. Group of Odinists --- an ancient Pagan faith --- is celebrating the harvest. They raise their arms. Sing & dance a bit. Suddenly the cops are called. Neighbors are claiming there is a White Supremacist group in the park doing all sorts of evil.

Well, it happened in Bakersfield, CA, according to KERO News.

The cops made them leave the park. Needs to be a complaint filed on that one. Public park & they have the right to assemble just like a Christian group would.

I'll just shake my head & wonder if the concept of our first freedom is even understood at the most basic level. How today's religious minority is treated will be how today's majority faith will be treated when the minority gains a larger status one day. How quickly we forget that Baptists were once the persecuted minority.

Now that the witchdoctors have taken over the faith powerhouses & made them into political action committees ... never mind.

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Anonymous said...

That is terrible. Too bad.
Hopefully we can make some progress very soon with the freedom of religion.
I can't imagine this happening.