Sunday, August 2, 2009

Atheist Invocation at Cobb County Commission Meeting

I just found out that my friend Ed Buckner has caused quite a stir at the Cobb County Commission meeting last week with his "invocation." Ed & I may disagree on matters of faith, but a kinder, more gentle & honest man will be hard to find. What Ed did took courage & I applaud him. When gov't tries to have a Most Favored Faith, the result is never good. I resent my faith being manipulated by politicians to garner votes. And I danged sure resent clergy, AKA witchdoctors, employing faith to manipulate the congregants as voting blocs merely for the witchdoctors' power grab.

Americans United has a piece by Rob Boston on this. So does the Baptist Joint Committee. Here's a quote from the latter:

Pray in church; pray in your own home; pray privately anywhere you like, or gather in public spaces and pray: in the park, outside the courthouse, around the flagpole before or after school; but the very last place to expect a solemn religious evocation is at an official government exercise. If you demand one, you'll get what you are asking for: a circus. People of faith should instead demand the opposite: don't sully religion by using the state to promote it. No more government-sponsored prayer.

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