Sunday, June 15, 2008

Illinois Artist Changes Name to "In God We Trust"

Steve Kreuscher wanted to make a statement & set himself apart from other artists. He dang sure has done that.

Last week, a Lake County, Illinois judge approved Kreuscher's request to change his name to "In God We Trust".

This was not an easy decision, evidently. Divine guidance was needed & much prayer was offered up to about this name change. He had praying for a confirmation --- a sign --- to say the name change was what God wanted. So when God miraculously worked out the tax refund to almost what it was gonna cost to legally change his name, Kreuscher knew God was in it.


Of course, the guy is also an artist & has begun signing his paintings with his new name. He said: "There are billions of artists out there. If you don't do something to stand out in the crowd the world won't recognize you."

Double sigh.

Here's the Chicago Sun-Times article.

Really, this bothers me. I don't care about the name change --- whatever. It is the "confirmation" part. What sort of willy-nilly theology is this? A coincidence with income tax is a prayer confirmation to change a name to something silly like this? What a lack of Biblical teaching we have in our nation.

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