Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hucksters of the Word

I'm completely bewildered how anyone could fall for this. Frankly, a bit upset. Hucksters of the Word.

There is new product out there called  "A Soaking Kit."   It is not a kids water toy. It is not a portable car wash. It's not even a water hose.

But it sells for $60 & is described as "Miracle Grow for the Soul.

Horse feathers.

This Tetzel Trinket is sold by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. You may remember them from back in the 90s as the beginning of the "Toronto Blessing."  After attending the church, people claimed that their enamel dental fillings had turned to gold.  Honest to Pete: that's what they claimed.  Here's the BBC article.

This is the group that practices the "Holy Laughter."  You can watch the video below. There is nothing "holy" about this at all. It is not Scriptural. It is mass manipulation & pure emotionalism. It is Corinth revisited.




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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I thought I had seen it all, but this is down right strange. I have never understood how people can be taken in by such "hucksters," to borrow your term. I suppose they are desperately searching to fill a void in their lives.