Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am NOT Believing This

I ain't making this one up, folks.

Here's the article from Fox:

Florida Substitute Teacher Fired, Accused of Wizardry

A Florida teacher may have to pull an unemployment check out of his hat after performing magic in front of students, according to reports.

Jim Piculas said he made a toothpick disappear and reappear in front of students at the Rushe Middle School in Land 'O Lakes, Fla., Local6.com reported. He said he later got a call from the supervisor of teachers, saying he had been accused of wizardry.

"I get a call the middle of the day from head of supervisor of substitute teachers. He says, 'Jim, we have a huge issue. You can't take any more assignments. You need to come in right away,'" he told Local6.com.

Piculas said he’s concerned the incident may prevent him from being considered for future jobs.

The school system now swears the guy was really being fired for all sorts of other infractions, things the Magician says is news to him. In fact, he says he didn't even know there was a problem until he had been accused of "wizardry" in this report:

Tampa Bay's 10 talked to the assistant superintendent with the Pasco County School District who said it wasn't just the wizardry and that Picular had other performance issues, including "not following lesson plans" and allowing students to play on unapproved computers.

Piculas said he knew nothing about the accusations.

"That... I think was embellished after the fact to try to cover what initially what they were saying to me," he said.

Now I know we did this sort of stuff in the Middle Ages. In 1647 Fredrick Spee von Langenfeld was a priest who was =100% certain= wizards & witches were casting spells on people, but he refused the legal command to use torture to extract a confession. We even burned a few witches in Salem, MASS, back in the Colonial Days.

In 2008. we act just as superstitiously but instead of using torture, we assassinate the character of people while blackballing them from a livelihood.

Sounds really Christian to me.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I saw this and wondered if the Gwinnett Co. "lady," who has tried to get the GA DOE to ban the Harry Potter books, had moved to Florida.