Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Changes to Majority America

Times are a'changin'.

Give it 12 years. Maybe 16. But it will change. The demographics don't lie.

In 12 years, the conservative older voting bloc will be diminished and the younger, more liberal crowd will be emerging.

America tomorrow is more educated, more tolerant, more open, religiously diverse, more brown, and will have more females in positions of power. The favored religion of today will be on equal footing with other faiths, and conservative Christianity will not like it when other religions begin using their tenets to discriminate. That Christian baker in Oregon who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple, will become the Muslim baker who refused service to the Christian couple because the woman wouldn't cover her hair for modesty sake ... and there are no other bakeries that would serve that Christian couple.

Those state tax schemes that allowed Christians to designate their tax bill to private Christian schools will be hated when the growing Muslim population do the same thing and Muslim schools start popping up in every community.

Yes, America will change. That means we will have the opportunity to right the ship in a few years, if we survive that long.

If we survive the economic, cultural, and worldwide upheaval of the disaster upon us as of January 2016.

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