Monday, April 4, 2011

I So Remember "Field of Dreams"

One of my favorite movies of all times is Field of Dreams. There is something about the dream that really is in each of us ... ah, well, never mind about the analyzing stuff. It was just a great movie.

I was having dinner last evening and one of those music channels on Comcast was playing in the sitting area. Even though I couldn't see the screen, I heard the music. I heard a couple of notes and I immediately recognized the piece as The Place Where Dreams Come True by James Horner. I mentioned the piece though no one believed me and then, Lo! Someone checked. Yeppers. That is indeed what was playing. Even though I had not watched that movie in at least 10 years, the music was still there in my mind ... reminding me ... of the way I felt as I watched it all those years ago.

Remarkable it is that a sound or a smell or a touch can remind us of things long ago. The imprint of things not thought of, but not forgotten; the sudden sense of re-living a moment; the fondness of something so simple.

I so remember ...

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Stephen Fox said...


The has great short link on ten baseball stories to follow this season.
Pardon me for being off topic but Steven Miller's book on Billy Graham and Rise of Southern GOP is must read for you. I got my hands on it over the weekend.
Take my word on this one. Find a good library to get it to you or order a copy today.


Oh, and you must see the Ira Chernus piece of Eisenhower and Jim Demint at