Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GA Churches are Still Gun Free

Believe it or not, but a "Gun Advocacy Group" (AKA Some Serious Nut Jobs) challenged the State of GA's ban on firearms in any house of worship. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution the group called GeorgiaCarry, along with (not joking here) a Baptist church and the church's pastor, said the restriction infringed on their free exercise of religion, their ability to conduct worship services, as well as their right to self defense under the 2nd Amendment.

The judge said they were wrong.

Thank God.

Can you imagine being in a church (where emotions are already running on high octane) and people there are 100% certain of God's Will, and they get into a fight over the budget? I've seen fist fights over the Evangelism budget. I've known of churches where the police had to be called to intervene over an argument about Vacation Bible School refreshments. And these people want to have members carrying weapons in the building?

Somehow I don't think the Prince of Peace would be happy with his disciples arming themselves as if they were about to kill someone. The Sword of the Lord doesn't come in a 9mm.

What was that Jesus told Peter about putting away the sword? And what was that verse about seeking peace and beating swords in plowshares? Hmmm.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Hey, Jesus was just having a little fun with Peter. Everybody knows that guns are the key to heaven because they back up God's will in this cruel world. After all, God hates Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, liberals, and abortion doctors. He wants Christians to kill as many of these sinners as possible. I can't think of a better way to take care of church business. I am being sarcastic, of course, but don't think for a minute that some of these folks don't believe such trash.

Anonymous said...

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