Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi, I'm a Tea Partier

I saw this video over the weekend. Then my good friend over at Georgia Mountains and Beyond posted it to his blog. Each time I watch it, I get a good chuckle.

The fact is, I have had those discussions with "tea partiers" many times over the last year and have actually had them use those same, tired and worn out catch phrases without having a clue as what they are talking about. For example, more than once I've tried to explain that a Socialist and a Fascist are not the same thing; or that the bailout Obama is accused of doing was merely a continuation of the Bush policy. Granted, no one liked the bailout, but it was absolutely 100% necessary to prevent global economic meltdown. Still, the bailout cannot be laid on Obama.

So enjoy the video for I fear those extremists will, as of tomorrow, begin chipping away at the Constitutional liberties, such as religious liberty, habeas corpus, search and seizure, etc.

We are one election cycle and a few judgeships away from genuine Fascism. While I'm not suggesting that our Tea Party friends are Fascists, I make no apology when I say that their ideas are but one step away from it.

Perhaps a bit of Chris Hedges for some perspective would be nice.


Anonymous said...

In responding to your idiotic statement about Tea Party Patriots, it is hard to believe you would believe the garbage from people who have no clue of what they speak about.

Still the same TBAR I see.

Anyhow, I think you need to get out more often. You'll feel better.

Oh and btw, I am a Tea Party Patriot. Get over it.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

And I see "Anonymous" is afraid to post a name to go along with the comment. But I figured that. Thanks, Chris. (If you had better software, you would be able to track IP addresses. Just an FYI.)