Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winning the Heisman

Two years ago my youngest had to go to a new elementary school when he entered 5th grade. Never mind his old school is 1/10th of a mile away & his "new" school is 4 miles away. Not important.

What is important is what something means to a 10 year old. And this is a Biggie.

His first day of "new" school. Didn't know a soul. Recess. Boys play football. He was the =last= pick. That is a killer. Dead last pick. The kid with narcolepsy & 12 lb cowboys boots holding up a 175 lb frame, who barely runs the 40 yard dash in 4.4 hours =&= had the flu was picked ahead of my son. First day. Knows no one. Last pick for playground football. Devastating. Heartbreaking.

After week two of "new" school, he comes home beaming. Grinning from ear to ear. What does he say? Well, a different tune.

Dad, guess what?

What, son?

You ain't gonna believe this!

What is it, son?

At recess I'm now 1st pick every day in football, soccer, kickball =&= in PE class dodge ball.


Yep. I'm the 1st Pick in the 1st Round in every sport. It's kinda like winning the Heisman every day.

Ah. The simple magic of being a child.

Now fast forward to last week. June 3, 2010. Awards Day. 6th grade. A whole 2 years of "new" school. Now 12 years old. My son was voted by his fellow 6th grade classmates as the "Most Athletic." That means the majority of 350 students voted my son what is equivalent to the 6th grade Heisman. Sure, he also was given the Social Studies Award, the Technology Award & the Honor Roll Award, but he is most proud of his "Heisman."

I guess looking at things through a kid's eyes puts life in a whole new perspective. Not a big deal to me or you or to anyone else in the world. It won't change the economy or make life better for anyone, anywhere on the planet. But for one 12 year old kid at "new" school, he thinks he's won the Heisman.

And that's a big deal.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Great post! Congrats to him! ...and to you!