Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meet Barbara Forrest

In November 2007, I was attending the Americans United for Separation of Church & State annual meeting & had the unexpected privilege of being seated next to Barbara Forrest. It was pure happenstance that we both came in to the restaurant at the same time. I had such a delightful conversation with her & she made a lasting impression on me, that when I came across this article detailing her accomplishments, I just had to note it in my blog.

Thankfully there are still people who have the strong convictions to stand up to the Religious Extremists, be they Taliban or Tali-Xian.

Our nation works best when gov't gives no faith a Most Favored Status. It is a First Freedom, set out in the first sentence of the First Amendment. It is the culmination of
2000 years of theological growth & political understanding.

It is foundational to who Baptists are --- in fact, it is foundation to every Xian denomination today. The only people that seem to have a problem with the Separation of Church & State are the ones who want their version of faith to have official gov't favor, something that X explicitly condemned when he said to render to Caesar the things that belong to him & to God the things that belong to God.

Then there is that wee-little problem with the Golden Rule.

Nonetheless, Dr. Forrest is a delightful lady, good company for breakfast & an asset to the cause of liberty. Here's to her continued success & well being in 2010: may she continue the cause of Religious Liberty on behalf of us all.

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Gene S said...

I used to participate in the organization when I was in Atlanta and Jim Wesberry was the President and quite active. He was one of my father's dearest friends. Pastored Morningside Baptist for many a moon.

What is happening with them these days?

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

AU Is still active. There are now two chapters in GA & both are active in the protection of all religious liberty. Get blasted a good deal by theocrats.