Wednesday, October 8, 2008

James Dobson's Flip Flop

Back in the Spring when the GOP primaries where running strong, James Dobson said that McCain is a Liberal & a potty mouth. Then Dobson went so far as to say that he would not vote for McCain & would just stay home on election day (click here for Frank Lockwood's link).

That's right. Dobson's statement is that he cannot, in good conscience, vote for McCain. Here's the YouTube link to listen to the statement being read.

Well, it looks like Dobson either doesn't have a conscience; misread his conscience; has a new conscience; or maybe he just looked around & saw that political power is more important than his conscience. It is well nigh possible he was bearing false witness in light of Dobson's statement a few days ago (click here to listen to Dobson's statement.)

Either way, it's official. James Dobson has officially flip flopped. Perhaps Dobson & John Kerry will be able to pal around, fish a bit, & discuss what it feels like to say anything & everything for the sake of political gain & the money that comes along with it.

Dobson said his rational is his "Biblical World View" but somehow his "Biblical World View" doesn't include "yea meaning yea" & his "no meaning no."

Using verbal gymnastics, Dobson attempted to argue that he’s not really endorsing the Arizona senator: “While I will not endorse either candidate this year… I can say I’m now supportive of Sen. John McCain in his bid for the presidency.” Then Dobson goes on to rehash the talking points of the GOP. Dobson can spilt hairs all day long but it is painfully obvious that his statement was an endorsement of McCain. It shows once again how top leaders of the Religious Right long ago became a collection of partisan operatives who make the necessary political compromises to keep their hold on power.

Dobson's group acts in the capacity of a tax exempt organization, i.e., church/religious/charity. Speaking to the issues is fine, yes, even encouraged. But endorsing a candidate makes Focus on the Family another political action committee --- one that is run by a guy who will say anything since conscience takes a back seat to politics.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

It's ok. He has the Alaskan Bimbo on the ticket. That means he still has some measure of control. And then there is, of course, the Musim Terrorist on the other ticket, who must be defeated at all costs. That is probably his "Biblical World View." You are right. He is a partisan operative, who is deeply involved in politics. With Bush going away and many of his congressmen liable to go down to defeat, he is in great fear of losing power.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

One more thing. I forgot "Anti-christ." It's Muslim Terrorist Anti-christ.